Gujarat before Narendra Modi

Many claims have been made about “Miracles” in Gujarat under during Mr. Narendra Modi era as chief minister. These claims give an expression that Gujarat was a “Bimaru” state before 2002 when Mr. Modi took over as chief minister of the state. I did some research and I found lot interesting facts, that I am sharing with you in the form of questions and answers. these are all based on my findings from various reports and mainstream media news articles….

Q 1. Do you know what was the GDP of Gujarat in 1994-95 and between 1994-2001?

A. Gujarat had a GDP of 13.2% in 1994-95 and between 10-13% there after.

Q 2. Where did Gujarat Ranked in 1990 among the top states of the country?

A. It was at number 3. Actually after 20 years of creating Gujarat climbed from number 8 to 3 in the nation.

Q 3. Which state produces 49% of domestic petroleum products and when were these refineries set up in the state?

A 3. It is Gujarat and all of them were setup before 2001 including giant reliance refinery in Jamnagar and most of them were setup between 1995-2000.

Q 4. What about the human resource development in Gujarat?

A 4. The HDI of Gujarat is rated very low, and is in every report. Due to this, professionals from Gujarat are rated B.

Q 5. What is the result of much publicized Global Investor’s Summit?

A 5. Every state is starting lot of projects, MP government is also conducting annual global investor’s summits, same with Chhattisgarh governments, but Mr. Modi’s highly personalized publicity style projected these summits as success, but as per Gujarat Government’s report, not even one fifth of those MoUs signed in Global Investor’s summits in Gujarat were implemented.

One fifth of Vibrant Gujarat MoUs fail to take off: Government data – Times Of India

35 of 229 power MoUs implemented: Show Gujarat govt figures – DNA

Q 6. When were most of the big industries setup in Gujarat?

A 6. Most of the big industries with exception of Tata Nano were setup in Gujarat before Modi’s regime, including but not limited to Amul, Essar oil, Essar industries, Reliance Industries, Krishak Bharatiya Co ltd. 

Q7. Is Gujarat largest Economy of India?

A 7. No, in-fact Gujarat is even behind Uttar Pradesh in terms of size of economy, though it had been showing significant growth in terms of GDP but still falls behind Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andra and Tamilnadu. 


Q 8. Is Gujarat fastest growing state?

A 8. No it is far behind many states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgar, Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh.

Q 9. Does Gujarat has highest per capita income?

A 9. No Gujarat is far behind many states like Maharashtra, Harayana, Goa, Delhi, Chandigarh, Sikkim, Pudicherry, Andman

Q 10. What is the trend in terms of Gujarat state’s debt?

A 11 Between 2002 and present period the debt is doubled and reached to 101482 crore. It ranks far behind Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. It is within top 5 debt ridden states.


Q 12. Do any of the political party has anything to do with Gujarat Growth story?

A 12. An IIM A research clearly shows Gujarat growth is not because of any political people but new technology and reforms started in 1990s led to state’s spectacular prosperity.


IIMA research proves that Gujarat Growth is not because of political parties.



  1. Joseph Thomas · · Reply

    You wrote about NaMo now be prepared to trolled and abuses. Welcome to India.


    1. Ha ha, EverReady, thank you.


  2. Our prime minister is a great media manager, we shows ocean where not even a drop of water exists. Trusting him millions of Indians chose him and suffering, still voting for him, that is because he says what they want to hear but does not do what they expect. He is not a long running horse.


    1. Thanks for your comment.


    1. Thank you sir


  3. Modi used his oratorical skills not to develop India but to fool the voters to chose the most incompetent candidate as the PM of India. This article proves beyond doubt that Modi has indeed misled the voters,


  4. Debosheesh Mukharjee · · Reply

    Million dollar question, Congress was in power, Congress has lots and lots of money, but could not manage media, could not change perceptions. BJP kept cashing on allegations of corruption and presumptive loss theories but Congress kept mum, from distance it sounds like Congress was hands in gloves with BJP.


  5. Shivam Deshmukh · · Reply

    The lies are not just about development but also clean governance. Modi is the man who has championed corruption on all levels, but did not allow any institution including CAG, RTI, Lokayukt, his home minister was accused of murder, his top police officers were jailed but media shieled him


  6. Anjali Tiwari · · Reply

    Mr. Narendra Modi is a good salesman and opposition must understand that sooner than later.


  7. Just few comments / clarifying questions:
    1) You mentioned Gujarat’s GDP was 13.2% for 1994-95. Did you mean 1990 to 95? The link you provided from Planning Commission is not working so I am not able to look at these numbers.
    2) You also mentioned that Gujarat grew 10-13% thereafter, do you mean 1996-2000?
    3) Gujarat is way behind many states in terms of HDI. This is clearly an indicator of state’s failure. The way you showed historic GDP to indicate how the growth worsened during Modi’s time, would you consider it will be better to compare Gujarat’s FDI in 1994-95 and there after for better perspective and consistency?
    4) Where you showed state’s debt and liability in absolute terms, I think it will be helpful know what is it as a % of GDP since GDP hasn’t remained stagnant during that time. Do you believe it is more fair way to understand the debt situation?


  8. Firstly thanks for your time reading my blog and leaving a detail comment, that is an encouragement.

    1} actually I meant 1994-95 only not 1990 to 1995 as that data was not available to me.
    2} that is correct
    3} Basically my purpose is to prove that Gujarat development is organic process and has nothing to do with Mr. Modi’s rule. I don’t intend to be proving that Mr. Modi damaged the state in terms of economy.
    4} that indeed is, and I will do little more study to find the GDP in percent term.


  9. Shilpa Mary Cherian · · Reply

    Great read! Nice research and analysis as well. Modi is no more than a glory hog who maintains his image very well and his oratory skill is his survival! Just look at his schemes and policies that he claims to have started: pradhan manthri awas yogna, which was here from Rajiv Gandhi’s time with a different name,”Indira awas yogna”. How different is Jan Dhan Yogna From UPA’s Nation Inclusion?! Not to mention his u-turns as well on FDI, GST, article 370 etc. As one of the comments earlier mentioned,modi is a good salesman, he knows how to “sell” himself on to the public. He’d rather do better in advertising than politics!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Appreciate reading and commenting.


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