Please vote for the three best Prime Ministers of India


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    Greatest Prime Minister of India
    Is it is not possible to compare Pandit ji with Rajiv ji and Rajiv ji to Dr. MMS . Pandit ji was PM when country was originated he laid down and his main objective was to make sure all parts of country get into one country , after separation his prime duty was to make sure no further division or such violence must happen. however he not only fulfil his this duty but he made sure to make India a strong voice in world forum and laid down foundation stone of modern and progressive India . then comes Rajiv ji for whom challenges were different world was turning digital and his challenges were how to make sure India do not leave behind in this digital race , he just not made sure that we will have digital understanding he also ensure we will dominate digital universe .
    Our latest best was Dr. MMS why he is best modern PM because in India demand and desire bar was uplifted like any other developed country post computerisation and LPG now it was must to make sure we have vision and infra to cope up this demand . apart from it economic and global challenges were at high post 1929 recession he just did not face it but take India smoothly without having harm to economy at scale . He made sure that citizen rights must be given priority through RTI , Manrega ,Right to education, Right to food and Aadhar identity.
    Hence I summed up all these leaders were greatest because of challenges they faced , I have not mentioned about Iron Lady Indira ji and Most loved Shashtri Ji not because they are not best its because there league of leadership is totally unique in world they were humble brave and courageous .
    Congress originated desire deliver sacrifice for mother land India
    Jai hind

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  2. Hari Kishan Saini · · Reply

    Indira Gandhi is the best PM


  3. Pushpak Neema · · Reply

    अरे यार, इसमें मोदी का ऑप्शन क्यो डाला ?
    वो प्रधानमंत्री नही, प्रधानसेवक है 😂😂


    1. Sir, Mr. Modi is our Prime Minister thus its included. Thanks for reading, voting and commenting, truly appreciate.


  4. Jaleel Ahmed · · Reply

    When Rajiv Gandhi was martyred,I was a kid didn’t know much about him.As i grew up I have seen AB Vajpayee and Dr.MMS ,in my opinion Dr Manmohan Singh is way ahead compared to AB Vajpayee..thank you…


  5. Ghanshyam Alva · · Reply

    Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister


  6. Ghanshyam Alva · · Reply

    Narendra Modi is the best


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